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How does my son join Pack 3794?
Our pack has 2 main registration periods each year:  one in the spring (typically mid-April) and the other in the fall (mid-September), but boys are welcome to join at any time.  Boys are placed in a den based on their age and/or grade level in school.  Look for registration information to come home from school with your son, in our local newspaper, or on our website.  You may also contact our attendance and membership coordinator or committee chairperson through the "Contact Info" tab to the left.

What is the difference between the pack and den?
The pack is the entire group of Cub Scouts in Pack 3794, ranging from age 6 to age 11.  Dens are the individual groups based on the boys’ ages.  6-7 year old boys start out as Tiger Scouts.  Each year the boys work towards earning their next rank.  After Tiger is Wolf, Bear, then Webelos.  The boys stay together in their dens throughout their Cub Scout journey.  In February of a Webelo’s 5th grade year, he has the opportunity to cross over into a Boy Scout Troop.

How many meetings are there?
Our pack has a pack meeting every month during the school year, with events and activities in between meetings and throughout the summer.  Pack meetings typically take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month at various locations throughout Hartford.  The boys' individual dens meet approximately 2 times per month on a day, time and location determined by the den leader.

What are the upfront costs?
Scouts have annual dues of $80 per year, which can be broken down into two $40 payments throughout the scouting year.  Scouts signing up in the spring pay $40.  A scout will also need to purchase a complete Class A uniform consisting of a uniform shirt, neckerchief, neckerchief slide, belt, and council/pack/den/world crest patches.  Class B t-shirts are provided by the pack after the scout registers.  Also, the pack provides the scouts with their next rank neckerchiefs, neckerchief slides, handbooks, rank patches and awards each year.

How are funds added to my son's scout account?
Our pack participates in just one fundraiser during the year:  popcorn sales.  This fundraiser takes place in the fall.  Scouts have the opportunity to pay their own way through popcorn sales.  Each year a chart is given out that shows how much money would be placed into the scout's account based on their total popcorn sales.  This is the only way funds are added to the account.  If the scout meets a minimum in his popcorn sales, his annual dues will be covered. 

What can I use the scout account for? 
Scout accounts can be used to pay for scout organized outings and camps.  The parents must inform the pack treasurer that they authorize the use of the scout account for payment for the pack outing and/or campout prior to the payment due date.  The account can also be used for the purchase of official Boy Scouts of America class A uniforms and patches necessary for the uniform at any rank, including adults.  And finally, the account can be used to purchase the Arrow of Light award for second year Webelos.  As with the outings and campouts, please contact the pack treasurer to make payment arrangements.
If you transfer and register to another Cub Scout Pack or Boy Scout Troop the scout account funds can be transferred directly to the Pack or Troop.  Scout accounts will be absorbed by the Pack if a youth chooses to leave scouting or does not cross over to Boy Scouts.

How do I find out how much money is in my son's scout account?
Contact the pack treasurer directly to request the information.  You can either speak with the treasurer at a pack meeting or email the treasurer at the email address listed under the "Contact info" tab.

What are some activities that Pack 3794 does?
We are a very active pack and take pride in what we do!  We participate in several camps each year:  summer camps, a pack-run winter camp, mom and son camp, dad and lad camp, day camps.  These camps take place at Camp Rokilio in Kiel, Camp Bear Paw in Mountain, and Camp Twin Lakes in Waupaca.  We have 2 derby races each year:  the raingutter regatta in November and pinewood derby in March.  Our December meeting consists of gift exchanges and pie throwing for popcorn sales.  Our February meeting is a full meal celebrating the anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America and congratulating our 5th grade scouts who have ended their Cub Scout journey.  We have a summer picnic and many incredible outings all year long that offer up fun opportunities for scouts and their families:  movies, bowling, roller/ice skating, Brewers/Bucks game, hikes, museum visits, to name a few.  And finally, we take great pride in servicing the community of Hartford through Arbor Day tree planting, food drives, collections for Support the Troops, helping to build the community garden, park clean up, participating in the city’s parades, and more. 

Why should my son join Cub Scouts?
Cub Scouts is a well-rounded program that offers up boys various lifelong skills.  As a parent, you want to be assured that the groups that your boy joins will teach values consistent with good citizenship, character development, and physical fitness.  The Boy Scouts of America has been weaving these lifetime values into fun and educational activities since 1910. Cub Scouts is a wonderful way to bond with your son and watch him grow!

How can I get involved?
Our pack is entirely run by volunteer parents.  We cannot be successful without them!  We have multiple volunteer opportunities available with various time commitments.  Our youngest scouts will be in need of den leaders.  Our older scouts may need co-den leaders or just a parent to help run a meeting by sharing a special skill or talent you may have.  We also have other positions within the pack that are of varying time commitments, but all of equal importance.  Open positions are listed on the main home page.  If you cannot volunteer at this time, that is fine!  Just being there and present with your scout is rewarding in itself!

I need some help placing patches on my son's uniform (.pdf only)
You can download the Uniform Inspection sheet for your cub scout here

I need some help placing patches on my leader uniform (.pdf only)
Download the Uniform Inspection sheet for Male Leaders here
Download the Uniform Inspection Sheet for Female Leaders here

Click to download.
You will need to download Adobe Reader to view .pdf files. This is a free program.


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